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If your computer does not already have Zotero Standalone installed, download and install it from here. You will also need the relevant browser plug in, if you do not already have it.

Go to and download/install the appropriate browser client (right-hand side).

Once the extension is installed you can test it by navigating to a webpage containing a citation or a list of citations such as:

In the upper-right hand corner you should see a page icon appear. If so, the Zortero browser extension is installed correctly.


You will need register to obtain a username for Zotero. Launch the standalone program, and it should redirect you to the website to register.


Your username will need to be invited to access the lab's shared library. Provide your username to one of the authorized staff and you will receive an invite by email. It might take a few hours to load the library to your computer, so run this procedure at the end of the work day.


Adobe Photoshop

Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel if not already installed


R and RStudio