Computer Setup for New Study

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Do not follow these procedures until the basic computer setup has been performed and Matlab/Neuroscan installed as per New Lab Computer Set Up


  1. If it does not already exist, on the server under StudyData create a folder with the study name.
  2. Create a subfolder called RawData.

Physio/Neuroscan Computer

  1. Login as administrator. Confirm that you are in the CURTIN Workgroup (Control Panel > System > Computer Name). Restart computer if needed.
  2. Create a directory on the Neuroscan computer's C: drive called C:\Local\. Set folder security on this by right-click, Share With -> Specific People; then check both the Dolores and the RA account. Dolores will be Owner and RA should have Read AND Write permissions. This will allow the Matlab computer to be able to access that folder.
    1. Within the C:\Local folder create a subfolder for your study, named LocalStudyName (example C:\Local\LocalKaye1) (NOTE: consider updating C:\Local\Kaye1 folder on left lab to this convention.)
    2. In this folder, save the setup file for Neuroscan format StudyName_SN_Setup.ast (for example Kaye1_NS_Setup.ast)
    3. Also within that folder create a new folder called <Studyname>RawData (for example Kaye1RawData).
  3. On the desktop, create shortcuts to the local study directory (C:\Local\LocalKaye1)
  4. Create a desktop shortcut to launch Scan 4.5 software if not already there.

Stimulus Control Computer (PTB/MATLAB)

  1. Map onto the N drive, the Neuroscan computer's Local folder by using the the computer name. For example if the computer is called hopalicious it would look like this: N:\\hopalicious\Local.
  2. Create a directory on the Matlab computer's C drive, called C:\Local\
  3. Within the C:\Local folder create a subfolder for your study, named LocalStudyName (example C:\Local\LocalKaye1)
  4. Within this subfolder, save your study-specific files. There may be multiple subfolders for each task or procedure being run, depending on the individual study.
  5. Create a shortcut on the desktop with your study name. Inside this create shortcuts to:
    1. The local study directory (example C:\Local\LocalKaye1)
    2. The Study folder on the server (example Private\StudyData\Kaye1)
    3. The neuroscan computer study folder, ie N:\\hopalicious\Local\Kaye1