Adult Psychopathology (PSY 741)

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Course Syllabus


Week 1 (Sept. 11): Classification of psychopathology: The DSM enterprise and its current challengers.
Professors Curtin and Abramson

Cuthbert B 2013
DSM-I, II, 5
Kotov R 2017
DSM Enterprise 1952-2013

Week 2 (Sept. 18): Freud’s amazing insights about depression; The puzzle of depression: Putting the pieces together.
Professor Lyn Abramson

Abramson L 2002
Beck A 2009
DSM 2013
Freud S 1917
Monroe S 2009

Week 3 (Sept. 25): Continuing to put the pieces of the puzzle of depression together; The mental health professions and the social order: Is “death rights” the next civil liberty of the 21st century?
Professor Lyn Abramson

Alloy L 2007
Joiner T 2015
Slavich G 2014
Thase M 2010

Week 4 (Oct. 2): Affective neuroscience, psychopathology, and the future of interventions to cultivate well-being.
Professor Richie Davidson

Kendrick K 2017
Dahl C 2015
Davidson R 2012
Dobbs D 2017

Week 5 (Oct. 9): The Dementias.
Professor Diane Gooding

Bressler J 2017
DeVries R 2013
Gurevich P 2017
Kennedy J 2003
Knopman D 2001

Week 6 (Oct. 16): Schizophrenia and Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders.
Professor Diane Gooding

Keshavan M 2011
Park S 2014
Siever L 2004
Tandon R 2008

Week 7 (Oct. 23): Schizophrenia and Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders (continued).
Professor Diane Gooding

Week 8 (Oct. 30): TBA.
Professor Jack Nitschke

Week 9 (Nov. 6): Sleep in Psychological Disorders.
Professor David Plante

Week 10 (Nov. 13): TBA.
Professor Megan Piper

Week 11 (Nov. 20): Psychopathy.
Professor Mike Koenigs

Week 12 (Nov. 27): Bipolar Disorder: When biology and psychology conspire to create a perfect storm.
Professor Lyn Abramson

Week 13 (Dec. 4): Alcohol and Substance Use Disorders.
Professor John Curtin

Week 14 (Dec. 11): TBA.
Professors John Curtin and Lyn Abramson