Anxiety Sensitivity Index (ASI)

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The Anxiety Sensitivity Index (ASI) is a 16 item scale containing items specifying different concerns someone could have regarding their anxiety. The Anxiety Sensitivity Index-3 (ASI-3) is an 18 item scale.

Item Coding

The subject rates each item by selecting one of five phrases: "very little" (0 points), "a little" (1 point), "some" (2 points), "much" (3 points), and "very much" (4 points). No items are reversed coded.


Sum all 18 items to get ASI3 Total; 6 items per subscale

  • ASI3 Physical Concerns = 4,12,8,7,15,3
  • ASI3 Cognitive Concerns = 14,18,10,16,2,5
  • ASI3 Social Concerns = 9,6,11,13,17,1

Resource Files

ASI Questionnaire pdf

ASI-3 Questionnaire

ASI-3 R Scoring Syntax file


ASI: Reiss et al, 1986

ASI-3: Taylor et al, 2007